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Primitives Lane is a non-profit research group focused on blockchain and other frontier technologies. We are dedicated to solving the most fundamental public issues in frontier fields, helping researchers grow steadily, and creating a friendly and supportive space for builders.

What We Do

Gathering. We bring people who are thinking and building for the frontier technologies together to create and cement a builder-friendly space.

  • Seminar. It is where we discuss key technical topics that have not gained enough attention. We organized several seminars in Shanghai, aiming to raise awareness of public goods and underlying technical issues.

  • Reading Club.  We gather people to read selected books and discuss together to gain a better understanding of the times and technologies.

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Technical Studies. Tracking the development of cutting-edge technologies and deepening public understanding of core issues is one of our goals. We continue to grant research projects, bring in high quality technical content and provide selected articles and events information.

  • Lane's Choice Calendar. Featuring a selection of accessible, valuable meetings and discussions to follow the major developments. SUBSCRIBE

  • Primitives Feed. Selecting high-quality information sources to help people access knowledge and information more effectively and easily. SUBSCRIBE

  • Lane Digest. A collection of weekly recommendations from the Primitives Feed and Lane's Choice Calendar. SUBSCRIBE

Community. We intend to enhance better communication between the industry communities and individuals. We support many other communities in planning and organizing events and seminars.


2023/01 - Research | A Brief Biography of Auguste Kerckhoffs Research Report Released
2022/07 - Research | A Brief History of Difficulty Bomb Research Presentation Released
2022/06 - Gathering | Second Anniversary Gathering of Primitives Lane 
2022/12 - Research | New Research Subject Concept and Development of the RBF Released
2022/10 - Research | Compliance Components of DeFi Research Presentation

Primitives Lane

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