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Primitives Lane


Primitives Lane is a non-profit research group dedicated to exploring blockchain and other cutting-edge technologies, with a focus on solving fundamental public issues, supporting researchers' growth, and fostering a friendly and collaborative environment for builders. 

What We Do

Get Involved

The recent research project Find Cypherpunk  is a thematic study aims to shed light on the inspiring stories and values of the cypherpunk pioneers. Join us!

​Primitive lane is a non-for profit and relies solely on donations and grants. It has never received or intended to accept any investments.

2023/01 - Research | A Brief Biography of Auguste Kerckhoffs Research Report Released
2022/12 - Research | New Research Subject Concept and Development of the RBF Released
2022/10 - Research | Compliance Components of DeFi Research Presentation
2022/07 - Research | A Brief History of Difficulty Bomb Research Presentation Released
2022/06 - Gathering | Second Anniversary Gathering of Primitives Lane 


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