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RBF(Replace-by-fee) is a node policy that uses to solve the DOS risk problem in Bitcoin . The aim of this research subject is to clarify how RBF works and how it has evolved, and to investigate the current state of application of RBF and the challenges it faces.

Expected Output

  1. Provide an overview of RBF and its development. 

  2. Investigate RBF adoption and the factors behind it.

  3. Analyse the potential risks that may result from RBF.



The researcher are required to be interested in Bitcoin transactions and fee mechanisms with a passion for research.

Estimated Hours of Researching

40 hours

Estimated Duration of Researching

4 weeks​

Overview of The Expected Report

It is hoped that by reading this report the reader will find answers to the following questions.


1.  What is RBF?

2. What is the problem it was created to solve? How can it solve the problem?

3. How has RBF evolved since its introduction?

  • When was it proposed?

  • When was it added by the client?

  • What challenges have been and are being encountered?

  • How has it evolved?

4. How widely used is RBF?

  • How is it being used by users and what is the current percentage of RBF transactions across the network?

  • How is it supported by wallets and browsers?

  • What is the current user experience of sending RBF transactions?

  • How do users send an RBF transaction at this stage? Explain it with demonstration.

  • What factors drive or hinder the Adoption of RBF?

5. Analysis of RBF advantages and disadvantages.

  • What are the benefits of RBF?

  • What are the drawbacks of RBF?

  • What are the potential security risks?

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Research Flow
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